Saturday, 9 October 2010

Starting Over

I was going to fix the old image, for I really did not like the wave, but ... it niggled. I am starting all over... and funny thing is, now the woman is much better... I did nothing about her in the last 2 weeks, all this improvement is not the result of extra practise. Yet, the more I work on my waves, the more frustrated I get as progress just is not happening in the same pace.

WAVES - yet again

The difference between these 2 pictures is a bit of "sponge work" and scratchings on the paper using a knife (I hate doing this bit - feels like cheating)... but it works so well that I think it will be the saving grace for the painting that is still waiting for a decision...

And one more!!

I am changing my thoughts about this holiday... yesterday I got one more painting into someone else's wall... the rocks from Vonnie's class are now with one of Stephen's workmates... a kitchen feature.... life is bliss

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My paintings on someone else's walls!!!!!!!!

I have tried selling paintings... rather unsuccessfully.
This week, my sister-in-law happily took Stephen's shed to her daughter in Christchurch and my shed will go to her place (don't we just ADORE her!!). Then, my friend Catherine saw the beach scene and fell for it - of course it was happily given to her.

Funniest thing of all - when I took Victor to visit Catherine he did not recognise the painting and commented on how nice that looked (BLISS).

Those were the best gifts some one could give me. I now have 2 paintings sitting on someone else's wall!!

Waves of obsession...

I know I said I was happy with the previous painting... well - almost. It still does not convey what I want to ... and to be honest it is very frustrating not to be able to express what I want to express. So... for the last few days I decided to focus on waves. Here are some pictures of my efforts (for the laugh of it)... It is still not there, yet, after some "dark nights", I feel there was progress. I understand a lot more about waves than I did before... and I will keep the practise going until I can do what I really want to do (if I get anywhere near a wave such as the ones painted by Susie Short I will be happy - that is the current dream!)