Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Painting 1

My painting journey started 2 years ago - early 2006. I was really just tagging along my husband and hoping for a bit of fun... There was nothing I wanted to accomplish and I had no idea what it could become.

Victor at Totara Reserve, 2006
(coloring pencil)

I started rather simple. I like colour and I am passionate about my son. I also had memories of boxes of colouring pencil from my childhood - I absolutely love the smell of a new box. I never gave much thought to art medium choices. I really wanted to play, recapture some of those scents and colours of a long time ago.

My art teacher had different ideas. She loves pastels. So I had a try:

Rock and Stick, 2006

And I kept on trying... with an added dimension... I started to use painting as a a way to express some of my frustrations...

I-Scream, 2006
(Pastel on MiTeintes board)

I-Scream is really about not being able to have satisfaction from simple things. It is about a time when life felt more like a struggle, when you had to earn every single moment of it. It was produced immediately after Dream-Scape below; where, as it says, it is about fleeing reality, and getting an adrenaline rush in the process.

Dream-Scape, 2006
(Pastel on MiTeintes)

I still wanted to get back to pencils and produce something that was about love... it did not take long to find the perfect subject... The picture below has been on my (and hubby's) mind for a long time. We tried a variety of mediums and cropping in different angles and shapes...

One love, 2008
(Pencil on Velum)

Velum and pencil are a great combination!

I did get back to pastels... I was feeling a bit angry... The picture below is a copy from the web (I need to acknowledge the source I guess... need to find it again...). Not finished yet though...

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